Ringing at St. Mary's, Mentmore

St. Mary's, Mentmore - click to view larger image
Tower Captain
Richard Booth

Tel: 01296 662520
Mob: 07850 038197

Number of Bells 5
The bells are tuned in the key of A flat (approx)

The ringers of Cheddington and Marsworth ring for occasional services here.

We also have occasional method ringing practices

See our Events Diary.

Bell Founder Weight (Aprox) Kg. Diameter Inscription
Treble Chandler 3cwt 2qtrs 180 25.75 inches Chandler Made Me 1668
2nd Chandler 4cwt 0qtrs 200 27 inches Chandler Made Me 1668
3rd Chandler 4cwt 3qtrs 240 29.5 inches Chandler Made Me 1668
4th Chandler 6cwt 1qtrs 315 32.5 inches Chandler Made Me 1668
Tenor Chandler 8cwt 0qtrs 400 35.5 inches Chandler Made Me 1669

Note that the weights above are estimates based on the the size of the bells and so are approximate.