Ringing at St. Giles Church, Cheddington

St. Giles - Cheddington - click to view larger image
Tower Captain Alan Masters - AlanRMasters@btinternet.com

Tel: 01296 668024

Mob: 07702 139 295

Number of Bells 6 - see below for more information

Practice times:

Every Thursday from 7:30 pm to 9:15pm. Visitors are most welcome.

Our aim is to achieve accurate striking and so keep our repertoire relatively simple. Please get in touch for more information.

Details of the Bells

St. Giles has a ring of six bells and in 1911, four of these were quarter-turned, a fifth re-cast and a treble added. The two oldest bells date from the 16th Century and three from the 17th.

In June 2013 the bells were re-hung with roller bearings replacing the old plain bearings and had new pulleys and independent clapper staple units fitted.

The bells are tuned in the key of F

Bell Founder Weight Kg. Note Inscription
Treble by Alfred Bowell of Ipswich 5cwt 0qtrs 24lbs 265 D# Alfred Bowell Ipswich Founder 1911
Geo V
2nd by James Keene
Woodstock, Oxfordshire
5cwt 3qtrs 14lbs 299 C# GOD SAVE OUR KING 1638
3rd by John Dier 1593 7cwt 0qtrs 14lbs 362 B
It is interesting to note the surname DIER is upside down to the rest of the inscription
4th by James Keene
Woodstock, Oxfordshire
8cwt 2qtrs 14lbs 439 A# GOD SAVE OUR KING 1634
5th Thought to be originally by John Saunders of Reading (1539 - 1559) was re-cast by Alfred Bowell in 1911. 9cwt 2qtrs 23lbs 493 G# ANCTA MARIA ORA PRO NOBIS
The initial letter 'S' of SANCTA being missing from the original casting was deliberately omitted on the re-casting.
Tenor by Richard Chandeler of Drayton Parsloe 11cwt 3qtrs 0lbs 597 F# RICHARD CHANDELER 1638

Treble & Tenor to left Four with Three in background L to R Tenor, Treble and Two Tenor in background with
Four and Five in foreground
Inside Four